Grand Tour, A Film in-debt(ed) (2021)

Essay Film

(Directed, Filmed and Edited)

Beach of Dreams (2021)

Poetic Documentary produced by Kinetika and Essex Cultural Diversity Project
(Directed, Filmed and Edited)

The Ship Makers' Hands (2023)

Visual Poem produced by Thames Festival Trust
(Directed, Filmed and Edited)

The Invisible Empire (2023)

Short Documentary produced by Thames Festival Trust (Directed, Filmed and Edited)

The People of Reflections (2022)

Short Documentary produced by Thames Festival Trust (Directed, Filmed and Edited)



I have built up a body of work making documentaries, interactive multimedia projects, non-fiction films and personal experimental projects. In my work I am primary interested in cinema’s ability to evoke poetry and memory and the power of film montage.

My core specialisation is post-production, and I have been involved in various post-production roles. I have edited, colour graded, sound designed, created motion graphics, animated and produced a wide range of films and multimedia projects. I also have substantial experience producing, shooting, researching and directing a wide range of short documentaries and non-fiction films. I have worked with many artists, corporate brands, musicians and local communities and collaborated on innovative educational, historical and artistic projects. I love working and collaborating with local communities and have worked with various underrepresented groups and voices.

Education is my passion, and my creative and academic background has enabled me to develop strong research skills and a deep interest in film practice as research. My research interests concentrate on: practice-as-research in the field of essayistic filmmaking practice; film montage; accented cinema; socially engaged non-fiction, and new online media. My research explores the cracks and in-between spaces of non-fiction filmmaking and online and interactive media as critical and creative media practices and the conditions for initiating change in social and political transnational contexts around the world.